New Construction

Location: Hamilton, ON
Size: ~190,000 sqft
Use: Multi-Unit Residential

Our Role: We are helping our client determine the base mechanical system for their multi-unit condo. We will develop an energy model to accurately size the geothermal system. This will also evaluate and optimize other cost savings measures.

Description: This 15-story building will utilize state of the art district energy system with a great envelop and low energy consuming mechanical, electrical systems to achieve a low energy/ reduced green house gas project. Slated to be completed in 2018, this project will be one of many crowning achievements for this client’s building portfolio.

Location: Kitchener, ON
Size: ~400,000 sqft
Use: Multi-Unit Residential and Commercial

Our Role: Create a basis of design for the sustainable approach of the project for all aspects of the project (mechanical, electrical, architectural). This includes producing an energy model of the building to determine the impacts of introducing renewable energies and various sustainable practices.

Description: The Village will consist of four residential and commercial buildings that are currently in the design phase. Located directly on the LRT, this project is set to be a major improvement to urban living in the Waterloo Region.

Location: Thunder Bay, ON
Size: ~240,000 sqft
Use: Multi-Unit Residential

Our Role: We are providing our client with Geothermal, Energy Design and Commissioning with HPNC (High Performance New Construction) application assistance for their multi-unit residential building located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Description: This six story 240,000 square foot residential building will be heated and cooled using ground source heat exchange. The goal is for this project to be a zero-combustion building creating 0 green house gases on site.

Location: St. Catharine's, ON
Size: ~110,000 sqft
Use: Residential Apartments

Our Role: We are providing our client energy consulting, geothermal design and commissioning services.

Description: It is anticipated that the 127 unit residential building will be heated and cooled with a ground source heat pump, with the potential of becoming a zero-combustion building. We will develop an energy model of the building to accurately size the geothermal ground loop. This model will help to optimize the overall energy usage in the building. Then, provide drawings to be used for construction. Furthermore, we will commission the ground loop and track the buildings ongoing energy usage.

Location: Ottawa, ON
Size: ~700,000 sqft
Use: Storage Facilities

Our Role: Complete level two energy audits for four retail/office/storage facilities in Ottawa. We also provided an energy basis of design for future buildings.

Description: The reports used the energy findings to provide costing analysis for capital replacement of current equipment with renewable energy. The basis of design findings were used aid our clients in making sound sustainable energy choices for all future projects.

Location: Cambridge, ON
Size: ~81,000 sqft
Use: Apartments

Our Role: We provided energy consutling to help our client greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

Description: This 4 storey multiresidential apartment at 205 Eagle St. North in Cambridge Ontario was built using an energy efficient envelope (Insulated Concrete Forms) allowing it to use air source heat pumps to provide heating and cooling at a greatly reduced cost for its tenants. Click here for a video of the new apartments

Location: Barrie, ON
Size: ~60,000 sqft
Use: Research Facility

Our Role: Geothermal design services - drawings for tender and construction (for geothermal loop); bid review and selection assistance; and site visits for quality assurance during construction.

Description: Building Centre for Applied Research and Innovation at Georgian College. The two 80 ton chillers will use the geothermal ground loop as a heat source and heat sink. The loop is designed to accommodate both chillers running at full capacity. Click this link to learn more about the $30-million project.

Location: Windsor, ON
Size: ~4,000 sqft
Use: Residential Units

Our Role: We performed an energy audit on the 3 story five-plex and provided the owner with air and ground source detailed energy analysis which included retrofit/upgrade costs.

Description: This 4000-square foot residential property was looking to upgrade their mechanical systems to a more efficient and environmentally responsible HVAC system.