New Construction Process


  • Help set energy target goals with team
  • Provide Class D estimates for project objectives and future operating costs

Concept Design

  • Work with Mechanical, Electrical and Architect to incorporate renewable energy technologies into the project
  • Compare different costing options financially for the project
  • Submit paperwork for any incentives

Design Development

  • Begin framework for energy model and provide engineered stamped drawings for ground loop
  • Issue for SPA

Final Design

  • Complete SB-10 and HPNC energy model
  • Review renewable energy tenders and scope of work
  • Submit model and paperwork for permit and incentives


  • Kick-off meeting with contractors
  • Be on site to project manage the construction


  • Commission ground field loop
  • Final drawings for documentation of loop field
  • Submit final paperwork for incentives


  • Enter project information into Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Review energy star data with energy model to verify energy targets are being met